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We won't offer 5 day intensive courses - WHY?


Because we don't believe that a raw beginner can possibly take in the amount of knowledge and develop the skills required to become a lifelong safe and competent driver in the 20 or so hours in-car tuition offered by some companies offering 5 day training - even if they manage to pass the test!

In our experience it is far better to learn over a longer period of time, with some private practice between lessons if possible. However, we do recognise that sometimes there is a genuine need to learn in a short space of time - starting a new job that requires driving for instance - so we offer our own special intensive driving courses to satisfy that need. 

How are we different?

People learn in different ways and at different rates, however, when you consider that the published DSA figure for average training time is 45 hours with an additional 22 hours of private practice, it is totally unrealistic to expect a new driver to reach test standard and, more importantly, to gain long lasting safe driving skills with just the 20 hours in-car tuition that some schools offer as intensive courses.

Think about it - 20 hours in 5 days means 4 hours per day driving and, because of the way some training organisations are structured, that could mean 4 hour sessions on the road, with another 3 or four hours of classroom time every day for five days! 

No matter how much energy or stamina a person has, 4 hours of driving coupled with 3-4 hours of study is mentally draining - it is just too much too quickly.

If you are a parent, should you question whether your son or daughter has the capacity to become a safe driver with life long skills with only 20 hours of on road training?

Yes you should! - of course some students would pass the test at the end of the week - usually those who have had some previous training - but the vast majority of raw beginners will fail - and that will severely dent their confidence! 

That is why we at DriveMe-Crazy do things differently - how?

Well, whilst we offer intensive courses, they are not so intense as to be unrealistic and therefore poor value for money.

Our intensive courses are spread over either 10 days, 14 days or 21 days.

Our courses include a full 40 hours of in-car training, that's double what some companies include!

We insist that pupils take, and pass, the theory test before beginning the intensive course so that full attention can be devoted to creating life long safe driving habits and skills.

We can of course offer theory training as well, if required, as a prequel to the intensive course, however, most pupils would use our free on-line facilities to practice with our mock theory test.

On our 10 day course that's still 4 hours per day - but that's all - no classroom preparation for theory test, because its already been done. 

With a DMC course the 4 hours is split 2+2 with a break for lunch in between to unwind a little and maybe clarify a few points the pupil is unsure of over a coffee and bite to eat. We have found this formula works well and results in far less pressure on the student.

A Side Note For Parents

We all know that vehicle insurance for under 25's can cost a small fortune, often more than the cost of your son or daughters first car!

Why is this?

It's because, statistically, youngsters are far more likely to have an accident within the first 6 months of driving than other age groups - it is also more likely to be speed related and therefore have more serious consequences. (see ROSPA's Parents and Young Drivers)

Another factor to consider is that if their first car is old, it may not offer as much protection as a modern car and therefore compounds the risk of serious injury to your son or daughter.

It is imperative that you give them the best possible training which instills safe competent driving at all times - they may be able to impress you with their skills, but once in the car with a group of friends egging them on - will they perform the same?

I have over 40 years driving experience in all sorts of weather conditions including heavy snow and ice - and have seen, only too often, the consequences of inexperience at the hands of youngsters.  

This is why our intensive courses are a minimum of 40 hrs - and spread over double the length of time some other companies allow! - thus enabling the raw learner driver to stand a better chance of absorbing a deeper level of understanding and skills.