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DSA Theory Test  and 
Hazard Perception Test

When you book a DSA Theory Test you will choose a local office to take the test at. Turn up a few minutes before your allocated time and take with you the documentation requested on your confirmation letter.

The Theory Test

The theory test is taken with the aid of a computer screen and is split into two parts -

Theory Test

The first part being in multiple-choice format

Hazard Perception

The second part concerns hazard perception

You have to pass both parts in order to pass the theory test - if you pass one part and fail the other, you'll fail the whole test and you'll have to re-take both parts again.

Multiple Choice

You do have the chance of a practice session of the multiple-choice questions to enable you to get used to the layout of the test.  When the practice session has finished,  the proper test will begin.

How the multiple-choice part works

It's actually quite simple - a question and several possible answers will appear on a computer screen - and you just have to select the correct answer, or sometimes answers as some questions may require more than one answer.

You do have the facility to move between questions, so if you just can't think of the answer at that moment in time, you can simply "flag" the question and return to it again at a later stage of the test. 

There may also be "case study" questions too - these could be in the form of a short video "story" which would probably show examples of real life situations that you could come across whilst driving - you would then have to answer questions on what you have been shown. 

Hazard Perception Test

Once the multiple choice section is finished, you will then be taken to the Hazard Perception part - you can take a three minute break between them if you wish.

Before you begin the hazard perception part, you will be shown a short video clip which explains how it works.

After that, you will be shown a series of video clips on the computer screen.  These clips will consist of everyday type "hazards" that you could encounter on the roads - including some "developing hazards" - these are possible hazards that may result in you having to take "avoiding action" (such a slowing down, changing direction etc.)

The object of the test is that you have to respond to the developing hazard as quickly as possible by clicking the mouse button as soon as you see a hazard developing.

You have to remain focused during the hazard test as, unlike the multiple choice questions, you won't be able to "pass" a question and re-visit it later in the test! 

You cannot "cheat" the system either, as if you continually keep clicking throughout the test, you will be marked a big fat ZERO and you will fail!  This will result in you not only having to take the whole test again - you'll have to pay for it again too!

When Your Test Has Finished 

When you have finished the test you will be able to leave the test room and will be given your result by the test center staff.

If you have been successful, you will get your pass certificate.  This certificate lasts for two years from the date of passing, so you need to take your practical driving test within this period. Failure to do so will result in you having to set the theory test again before you can take your practical driving test.

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