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Returning to lessons with COVID19

Since restarting lessons on 12th April 21, we are mindful of the risks that are still present and associated with Covid19 virus and will need to maintain the ways in which lessons have been conducted since the first lockdown and be even more careful.

As Covid lateral flow test kits are now readily available, we advise all pupils to test twice weekly and cancel their lesson immediately if a positive test result is given. 
DriveMeCrazy staff also test twice weekly and will cancell all lessons to self isolate for 7 days if required.

The DVSA published guidance to the driver training industry after the first lockdown and, as a responsible driver training business, we must try to adhere as much as possible to the guidelines issued by the government.  

Following that guidance will not guarantee 100% safety for pupils and trainer, but should significantly reduce the risk of contracting or passing on the virus.

The button below will take you to the complete original guidance note for trainers and, as it applies to both trainers and pupils - we advise you to read the entire document.

The published guidance is fairly lengthy, so we have highlighted specific parts of the document which we feel are particularly applicable and essential, but please read the entire document.

In recent weeks (Jan 22) the government has been talking about relaxing restrictions in all environments. DriveMeCrazy will, however, continue to require use of face masks for lessons until further notice by the company

Some of the changes in operation require a change to the terms and conditions, which all current pupils have signed for.  The following statement adds to, and overides some areas of the terms dealing with lesson cancellation and passengers.

Change to terms of business until further notice.

Hand sanatizing:   Is mandatory - we will provide sanitizer for you to use on entry to the vehicle.
Face Masks :   Face masks will be mandatory. 
Face shields:  We will not allow face screens to be used, however, as they may impair visability.
Cancellation:   The normal 24 hr. notification of cancellation is removed where the reason is due to Covid isolation
Lessons:   Parents or friends will no longer be allowed to accompany you on lessons or test.

We hope that the necessary changes will not adversely affect your ability to enjoy your driving lessons - please press the button below to read the full origional advise.